Whether an apartment developer, investor, or homeower, we have you covered.


Our Services

Our priority is to ensure your satisfaction; on your behalf, we manage the guest experience start-to-finish, from initial contact to booking, check-in to
check-out and cleaning.


Turnover Services

As the saying goes, “A clean house is a happy house.” Our team of professional cleaners and maintenance technicians guarantee top-quality turnover services between property bookings.

Property Marketing

Our proven marketing strategy offers end to end coverage from interior design and professional photography, to cutting-edge guest relations strategies in tune with an ever-changing short-term rental market.

Experience Management

From initial contacts and introductory communications, to the establishment of local partnerships and guest benefits, we have curated the ultimate standardized hospitality experience for guests.

Guest Engagement

We manage, guide and ensure the flow of frictionless communication and financial transactions with guests, including 24/7 guest services, as needed.

What We Do For You

What appears simple on the surface often is built upon an underground foundation made up of many interlinking processes.
Air Hospitality takes care of them all.

Listing Creation

Professional photography, copywriting and search optimization with a personal touch.

Price Optimization

Using a combination of specialized technology, daily pricing and local knowledge to optimize your occupancy and revenue.

Professional Cleaning

We organize professional cleaning paid by your guests to ensure clean homes and 5-star ratings.

Hotel Quality Linens

We launder linens and towels in our off-site facility to ensure a hotel-quality service.

Guest Communications

24/7, prompt responses and guest acquisition.

Thorough Guest Screening

Strict screening of all guests using both online and offline verification methods.

Property Maintenance

Highly skilled professionals on-call 24/7.

Supply Replenishment

Standardized monitoring and restocking of all necessary household supplies, and more.

Account Management

One point of contact for all of your management needs.

24hr Check-In

Peace of mind for guests as they can check-in any time of day or night.

Getting started with these 3 steps is easy and allows quick, hassle free hosting

Whether you are Traveling Abroad or simply have a Second Home or Investment Property, we will help you get the most out of your property investment